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About Me

I am a country girl.  A mom of 4 crazy kids & a wife of 22 years.   I am a photographer & a farmer in Central Minnesota.  Animals are one of my favorite things in life.  I love everything about the outdoors and would rather be outside doing anything than stuck indoors.  I love to just have fun and enjoy life.  Sometimes I act a little crazy, maybe even a little weird.  Life is not all about being serious.

I believe there is beauty everywhere and in everything.  I started taking photographs when I was a teenager and my love for photography has grown with each of my children.  Life changes daily and I don't want to forget or regret anything. Photography is my way of preserving those precious memories.  I am self taught and love to shoot in natural light as much as possible.

I am just a simple, down to earth gal who loves to share my art with others.  There is nothing fancy about me and I like to keep it real! 



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